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Some of the birds that came back to Iceland
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Now that summer has finally arrived, or that sun has started to shop up at least, one of the other clues that the good days are coming is the arrival of birds to Iceland Since the beginning of the month of march, flocks of birds are coming back to their nesting... Read More

Under Construction
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We decided to give the website a whole new look and update but are rather slow at work. But it will happen soon.   Read More

Glymur – Tallest waterfall in Iceland
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    The waterfall Glymur, with a cascade of 196 m, is the highest waterfall of Iceland. It is situated at the rear end of the Hvalfjörður. Since the opening of the tunnel under this fjord, most people bypass the area. However, it is a very beautiful part of the country with volcanoes and tree plantations. The river... Read More

The Icelandic Call VI
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For now, here is the last part of The Icelandic Calling by our guest writer Feather. Iceland is a special place indeed. It affects everyone differently. Have you been to Iceland yet? What inspired or impressed you the most? Crescendo 渐强 If I have to find something that had a bad... Read More

National Sport – Ever wondered what they play up north?
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I’m not the kind of person that watches sports, I rather do them. But in Iceland sometimes you simply just get drawn into certain crazes. Like Icelanders obsession with the Eurovision Song Contest… Or their national obsession for handball. I have no clue about handball to be... Read More

The Icelandic Calling V – Cats
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Feather loves cats. In fact she is a cat in disguise. Cats are everywhere in Reykjavík and they will get your attention. I got the impression that for a capital city, Reykjavik has an unusually high number of town cats on the prowl. It seems also that Icelandic cats have somewhat of an... Read More

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