The Icelandic Calling IV – Second Hand Shops

16 Jul , 2012  

Part IV of the Icelandic Calling by Feather. Have you been to those Vintage shops yet that Icelanders seem to love? Personally I prefer Kolaportið (the flea market every weekend in the harbour of Reykjavík) or the Red Cross shop, as they are definitely the cheaper options.

It is quite a delightful thing to watch Icelandic youngsters walking down the street. Sometimes it feels like you are watching a movie, not certain which era you are in. They are really good at matching up completely different styles and eras. What looked like from the last decade could be working perfectly with a modern brand.
However, it all started to make sense as soon as I spotted their lovely second hand vintage shops. With a relatively isolated society, you have to deal with what you have. Local young people may not have not such a prosperous clothes business available as they can’t visit New York or Milan. That would be highly unrealistic.

In order to look different as well look good, they learn to dress themselves when they were young, using whatever they could get their hands on, maybe granny’s sweater or mum’s old dress. It is like a treasure hunt when shopping in the second hand shops or flea markets. You will never know what you may find among others’ “trash”. I imagine it is fun to see someone bring your clothes to new life and give them a soul. And the young guys are somehow self-educating themselves at how to turn into hipsters. In a way they don’t follow popular or foreign trends – they invent one.







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