The Icelandic Calling V – Cats

30 Jul , 2012  

Feather loves cats. In fact she is a cat in disguise.

Cats are everywhere in Reykjavík and they will get your attention. I got the impression that for a capital city, Reykjavik has an unusually high number of town cats on the prowl. It seems also that Icelandic cats have somewhat of an awesomeness factor (and I say that although I’m more of a dog person).

So here’s Feather’s account about her encounters with these feline creatures.

As a person that flirts with every cat she can see, Icelandic cats brought me a lot of unexpected joy. I never expected them to be warm and open to strangers. As I assumed, Icelandic people are like most of the Nordic people – a bit shy and reserved when it comes to strangers or at least at the first meeting (no alcohol included). I suppose I was expecting the same characteristics from their lovely cats. Bearing that in mind I still couldn’t stop myself from petting every single one I saw on the streets. As a matter of fact, the temptation is so strong because cats are everywhere. It seems that almost every other family has a cat and they let their cats take over whatever they feel like owning.

Whenever I walked past the yard, the cat would approach me before I even took my first move. Some of them would walk out the gate and lay down with their belly pointing at the sky. There was “pet me” written all over their face. Every once in a while, if they found out the fence was locked and they were too fat to squeeze through between the gaps, they would try to make the jump.


As a result, they would wind up hanging on the fence by their nails and I had to rescue them from swinging over the wooden fence. Once again, I can’t resist the sparkling round eyes looking at me “saying” “help me”. I guess they don’t get to see that many people all year round, so they have to take whatever attention is offered during the lovely Icelandic summer.












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  1. Camille says:

    Hi Mel, Im from France and currently live in Brighton-uk.
    After visiting Iceland this november, I have the strong feeling that it could be my next home..and am doing research
    But what about my pet cat? would you know since you’re crazy about them?
    the internet searches are confusing, some website say 4weeks quarantine(!) that the cat would live like an abandonment, some say its fine now as long as from uk, mircrochipped and wormed etc.

    Thank you for advising me.
    I also wonder how hard it is to find a small job, as french private tutor, kids entertainer and artist?

    Lots of questions..

    thank you for your time, hope you can shed some light

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